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Bill of Materials

This is the bill of materials for our nRF51822 powered OpenBeacon tag.

Designator Description Comment Value tol. Qty Supplier Supplier Part Number
BT1 Keystone 3034 Battery Cell Holder 3V   1 Mouser 534-3034TR
C1, C2 Capacitor 12pF 12pF 2%, NPO 2 Digi-Key 490-8078-2-ND
C10 Capacitor 47nF 47nF X7R, 10% 1 Digi-Key 587-2240-2-ND
C12 Capacitor 1.0uF 1.0uF X7R, 10% 1 Digi-Key 587-1241-2-ND
C3 Capacitor 2.2nF 2.2nF X7R, 10% 1 Digi-Key 587-1221-2-ND
C4 Capacitor 0.8pF 0.8pF NP0, 5% 1 Digi-Key 490-6270-2-ND
C5, C6 Capacitor 20pF 20pF NP0, 5% 2 Digi-Key 490-6217-2-ND
C7, C13, C15 Capacitor 4.7uF 4.7uF X5R, 10% 3 Digi-Key 490-3297-2-ND
C8, C11, C14, C16, C17, C18 Capacitor 100nF 100nF X7R, 10% 6 Digi-Key 490-6328-2-ND
C9 Capacitor 1nF 1nF X7R, 10% 1 Digi-Key 490-1303-2-ND
D1 LED LED blue 20mA   1 Digi-Key LNJ937W8CRATR-ND
D2 Schottky barrier diode SC-90A 1A, 30V   1 Digi-Key DB2J31700LTR-ND
L4 Inductor / Spule 10uH 10uH 10% 1 Digi-Key 587-1714-2-ND
L5 Inductor / Spule 15nH 15nH 5% 1 Digi-Key 587-1521-2-ND
P2 Header, 9-Pin HDR1X9_round_custom-SMD     0   only footprint
P3 Taster Taktil_PTS252     1 Digi-Key CKN10229TR-ND
R1, R2, R3 Resistor 12k 12k 1% 3 Digi-Key RHM12.0KCDTR-ND
U1 RF and flash nRF51822 128kB flash     1 Mouser 949-NRF51822-QFAB-R7
U2 LIS3DH, MEMS digital output motion sensor LIS3DH     1 Mouser 511-LIS3DHTR
U3 serial interface Flash memory (1.7V-3.6V) AT45DB641E / 64Mb 64Mb   1 Digi-Key AT45DB641E-MHN-TTR-ND
U4 ANT-2.54-CHP, 2.45GHz Ultra-Compact Chip Antenna ANT-2.54-CHP     1 Mouser 712-ANT-2.45-CHP-T
U5 ST BAL-NRF01D31 BAL-NRF01D3     1 Digi-Key 497-13637-2-ND
X1 ABM8 ceramic crystal 16MHz 16MHz   1 Digi-Key 644-1182-2-ND
X2 Crystal 32.768kHz, 12.5pF 32.768kHz, 12.5pF < 20ppm 1 Digi-Key 535-10104-2-ND

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