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List of encryption keys

Venue XXTEA Key
BruCON 2011 key 0x338C4720,0x9E9C7ECA,0x04180F62,0xEE39F134
25C3 final key 0xbf0c3a08,0x1d4228fc,0x4244b2b0,0x0b4492e9
25C3 free beta version key 0x7013F569,0x4417CA7E,0x07AAA968,0x822D7554
The Last Hope - AMD Project (Attendee Metadata Project) 0x9c43725e,0xad8ec2ab,0x6ebad8db,0xf29c3638
24C3 key 0xB4595344,0xD3E119B6,0xA814D0EC,0xEFF5A24E
Camp 2007 key 0x8e7d6649,0x7e82fa5b,0xddd4541e,0xe23742cb
23C3 key 0xe107341e,0xab99c57e,0x48e17803,0x52fb4d16
Default Development Key 0x00112233,0x44556677,0x8899AABB,0xCCDDEEFF

XXTEA block encryption algorithm with 16 bytes block size (4 32 bit blocks) with 6+52/4 iteration used - see XXTEA for further explanation.